closing gala

roundtable & reception

Tuesday 05 June 2007

stanford humanities center
starting at 4:00 pm

The organizers of Visualizing Knowledge are very grateful for the strong support shown by our campus colleagues during the run of the seminar. Our roster of regular participants includes faculty and students from over thirty-five departments, and from nearly every school within the University. By way of acknowledging this show of support, we have planned a roundtable discussion and reception to close the seminar on a note both productive and festive.

The roundtable discussion, which will begin at 4:00 pm on 05 June, will be hosted by a panel comprised of Stanford colleagues who addressed the seminar during the course of the year, and a small number of our most regular participants.

The roundtable will be especially interested in formulating some of the themes and topics that emerged during the year, and which seem pertinent to problems of visual understanding and communication. Our goal is a lively discussion within the panel that replies to and elicits comments from the audience.

Seminar participants who want to submit in advance topics for discussion may send their thoughts to members of the organizing committee by clicking here.

a reception will follow the roundtable to close the seminar with a moment of good food and good cheer.

We hope that everyone who has participated in the seminar's activities will join us on this day to celebrate the end of a stimulating year of lectures and discussions.